Australian Slate-Crete Supplies  provides Brick-Crete which is a concrete product that has an appearance like brick. This is available in four varieties such as Peach Terracotta, Burnt Red Bluestone, Brick Red Bluestone and Peach Terracotta. Brick-Crete is a stencilled concrete of 100 millimetres thickness. It is otherwise referred to as reinforced concrete slab.

Brick-Crete provided by Australian Slate-Crete Supplies is manufactured by laying down treated paper stencil on the wet concrete surface. This is followed by application of two coats of colour hardener on the concrete surface. The second coat is applied using various tools which ultimately give the brick a different texture.

After the completion of the curing process, the paper stencil is removed. Finally the residual chips are removed using a mechanical blower. The last step employs the application of a concrete sealer on to the new surface. Variety of colour hardeners are being used which provide strength, durability and a good finish to the surface.

Brick-Crete manufactured by Australian Slate-Crete Supplies has a hard wearing surface which is resistant to weeds. It also has a good strength similar to concrete. These surfaces are available in various non fading colours which are ideally used in driveways, paths and roadways.