Wharves and bridges are great sources of antique timbers. They are durable and can be recycled to make new outdoor products. 

Australian Recycled Timber use them to produce a number of recycled timber products, like walkways, piers and even domestic backyard decking.

Their team of designers have what it takes to come up with an individual aesthetic that cannot be replicated through the use of any other material. They can achieve a great deal with recycled wharves, bridges and so forth and are always ready for a fresh challenge.

Australian Recycled Timber specialises in FSC certified, recycled and new timber products which compliment any environmentally conscious design project.

FSC certification is only achieved by organisations which take into indigenous peoples’ rights; the protection of rare, threatened and endangered species and their habitats; and the prohibited use of genetically modified organisms.

The certification process also includes community consultations to ensure long-term economic, social and environmental benefits from the forest.