High quality recycled timber beams and trusses are a rare find that provide a great look. Australian Recycled Timber can provide a classic, rustic feel or that final touch to a chic warehouse. They can always source something special.      

Australian Recycled Timber large scale facilities mean that they can adapt to suit individual needs and requirements in a range of areas. Their recycled timber beams and trusses are selected by hand and are sourced nationally throughout Australia from wool sheds, bridges, factories and houses.  

All these timber beams and trusses tell a story and are rich in character and charm. That’s what makes recycled timber so unique.   Australian Recycled Timber’s beams and trusses also contribute to creating an eco-friendly, sustainable environment and 6 Star Green Certified timber beams and trusses are available.  

Recycled timber beams and trusses are timeless and distinctive. They can add authenticity and a sense of history to any building.