Australian Outback Furniture  offers recycled timber settings, timber decking, recreational, restaurant and cafe furniture. Recreational furniture from Australian Outback Furniture is ideal for parks, schools and other recreational areas. All these recreational furniture are made from ironbark timber. Australian Outback Furniture provides furniture for restaurants and cafes also and all these furniture are coated with D.W.D Intergrain. The darken look is obtained by adding Japanese tint and these are made for Japanese restaurants.

Australian Outback Furniture uses old poly Woodside pier timber that is regenerated into timber settings. Seven-piece setting is also regenerated from a 100-year-old bridge. Square setting is also included. The square setting is 1219mm by 1219mm and these settings are 2 inch in thickness. The ironbark square setting come with four seats and a table. The dimensions of the seats are 900 mm in length and 43 mm width.

The square timber table is 1200 mm by 1200 mm in size and the length of the seat is 850mm in length at the front portion and 450 mm in length at the back portion. The width of the seat is 43mm. Ironbark settings include picnic table and these tables are durable and comfortable.