Australian Outback Furniture  specialises in offering quality handcrafted outdoor furniture made from Australian Ironbark timber and custom made kitchens. Different styles of outdoor settings and outdoor kitchens are provided by Australian Outback Furniture.

Custom-made kitchen made from Australian Outback Furniture does not require gas bottle and it can be connected with natural gas. This kitchen comes with castor wheels and it can be moved against the wall when finished. Custom-made kitchen comes with granite top and the draws and borders are made from Australian Ironbark. The additional options include side burner, car stereo, speakers, stainless steel sink, burner barbecue and fridge.

The stainless steel kitchens from Australian Outback Furniture are made using Australian Ironbark. The top surface of the kitchen is coated twice with Intergrain D.W.D finish and it protects the timber. The outdoor kitchens from Australian Outback Furniture are available in various different modules. The outback style kitchen is Australian made and is available in various options. The stainless steel kitchen comes with double sink and gas stove cooktop.