Australian Home Heating Association  offers wood heaters heating, cooking and protection.
In olden days wood fires were used for heating, cooking and protection during olden days. Wood products were cost effective and were widely used for domestic purposes once wood heaters were manufactured.

Australian Home Heating Association believes that nearly 1.5 million Australian households were dependent on firewood for heating. This has improved thermal comfort and provided social benefit by the low cost of the heating method.

Conventional heaters with air cavities around fire box were offered earlier and later fire boxes were designed with outer casing. These outer cases were made using tiles, enamelled metal sides, heat proof glass or by painted materials. The air present was raised and expanded and draws air from below and this process expels the heat air out through top layer. Conventional heaters from Australian Home Heating Association suit Australian homes having separate rooms and hall ways.

Fan forced heaters by Australian Home Heating Association have 2 or 3 speed blowers fixed to them which increase its speed and are ideal for huge homes with large air circulation.

Radiant heaters are ideal for large open environment so that heat produced is travelled in straight line. Radiant heaters are used in large showrooms, pool rooms and family rooms.