Australian Home Heating Association  offers media releases from time to time. The media releases from Australian Home Heating Association include consumer choice and wood heater education. One of the press releases by Australian Home Heating Association is Avoid a fine- use your wood heater correctly. In this press release it’s said that one can avoid fine caused by Smokey flue with use of seasoned firewood.

Wood heater can be used without emitting smoke particles by using firewood. Smokey flues occur when wet woods are burned. When trees are cut, the wood contains 50 percent moisture which has to be evaporated to prevent smoke whereas the moisture content in the fire wood is in range from 15 to 20 percent which when burned creates more amount of smoke.

The firewood is placed under dry ventilated area in a crisscross manner and this arrangement allows the air to circulate freely. Excessive smoke can be prevented by use of wood heater. The usage of wood heaters acts as a renewable resource and lowers the production of green house effect.

Poor and incomplete burning is determined by large amount of smoke emitted and by the presence of dark smouldering wood. When such problems are noticed while using wood heaters, it can be reported to Australian Home Heating Association for their advice and services.