The Australian Acoustical Society provides education grant to encourage and increase the study of acoustics in Australia and to encourage research in acoustics. The education grant will also benefit Australian Acoustical Society and its members, with the findings gained after the successful completion of the projects.

The types of projects dealt by Australian Acoustical Society are ones whose results will enable a significant number of members to resolve environmental problems in a than satisfactory manner. The projects should also enable collaboration among education/research institutions and industrial organisations.

The projects should also produce good publicity for the Australian Acoustical Society and for the science and practice of acoustics in Australia.

The projects should aim at increasing the quantity or quality of educational offerings in acoustics.

The projects are judged based on their originality and the timeframe taken for their completion. Partial funding from other sources act as a multiplier and as an appeal to the judges. However, the Australian Acoustical Society remains more interested in funding those projects which may not proceed without its funding.