The products supplied by Austral Insulation Vic can be classified under the categories of panel systems, doors and windows and building products.

Austral Insulation Vic supplies panel systems on only supply or on supply and installation basis. Austral Insulation Vic is proud of being accredited with the standards compliance certification of the ISO 9001 (2000), in the manufacture of panel systems. Austral Insulation Vic panel systems come under the brand names of ‘econotilt’, ‘econorock’, ‘econodeck’ and ‘xblaze’. Additionally, Austral Insulation Vic is also the agent for two other brands of panel systems.

Austral Insulation Vic also offers doors and windows for use in all kinds of buildings.

The building products supplied by Austral Insulation Vic include EPS insulating sheets, supplied under the brand names of ‘polysheet’ and ‘retrotherm’.

Polysheet insulating sheets from Austral Insulation Vic can be used in many applications such as in residential buildings; in floors, ceilings and walls as insulation material; insulation under floors made of concrete, formwork material for architects; and in model making, signage and protective packaging. The key features of polysheet are durability, bacteria and fungi resistance and earth friendliness, to mention a few.

The other insulation sheet offered by Austral Insulation Vic is Retrotherm, which has superior underfloor insulation properties. Retrotherm from Austral Insulation Vic is fast, easy and safe to install, does not slump or sag, and is designed especially for concealed, sub-floor applications.