Austral Insulation Vic  was established in 1964, and is the oldest and among the largest manufacturers of laminated insulated panels in Australia.

For more than 40 years, Austral Insulation Vic has been manufacturing and installing insulated, fire rated panels for a whole range of applications, across industries. Austral Insulation Vic claims that its unique guiding and partnership based approach to customers, combined with quality products and service, has led to the growing reputation of Austral Insulation Vic.

Austral Insulation Vic supplies insulated panel systems with fire rating, products for industrial and residential complexes, and other building products. Austral Insulation Vic is a member of the Austral Comnia Holdings group.

Austral Insulation Vic is stated to offer a high degree of technical support, even utilising resources available from across the group. Austral Insulation Vic believes in developing better relationships with its customers, going beyond merely, ‘supply and install’.

The team at Austral Insulation Vic is committed to provide a level of service which would exceed the expectations of their customers, and achieve business results which would exceed the expectations of the shareholders of Austral Insulation Vic.