The trained staffs of Austest uses state of art equipments in order to detect leak of all types such as under concrete slabs, irrigation and sprinkler systems, under bitumen roads, drain, waste & sewer systems, hydronic heating systems, concealed in walls. Austest also trace sewer, water, electrical, telephone, cable and other communication lines, locates with the help of sondes and traces PVC or other plasticised line or conduit, offers CCTV drain camera inspections on drain, sewer or any other pipe or conduit.

Austest back flow prevents the reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source into bathing and drinking water supply systems. This problem can be prevented by installing a backflow prevention device that is nothing but the one way valve. The back flow prevention device is supplied in testable as well as non testable types depending up on the risk associated with the possible contamination.

The testable devices require annual testing in order to ensure satisfactory operation. The reporting technology provided by Austest CCTV drain camera inspection uses one of the latest technology in order to generate report that suits clients own special requirements. The professionals of Austest can also use the recorded movies with reference to drain or lines in order to provide best resolution in terms of undertaking repair works.