Austest  is involved in the business such as Video Drain Camera Inspections, Reporting Technology, CCTV Pipeline Inspection, Sewer Camera, Ovality reporting, Pipe Camera. Austest is also involved in detection of hidden leaks and line location for gas, water, fuel, chemical, sewer, stormwater, electrical and cable systems, water loss analysis in correlation Equipment since 1977. The experience of Austest has helped in solving every kind of problem in terms of commercial, industrial and residential situations.

Austest offers services in areas such as mixing valves, leak detection, camera inspection, jet drain cleaning, water meter test, back flow testing, cable and pipe locating and CCTV reporting. The close circuit television of Austest can be used in any sewer line or drains in order to show the integrity as well as pinpoint the position of problem. Te sewer line can either be older or newly installed.

The close circuit television helps in showing the obstruction such as gravel, clay as well as tree roots inside the drain or line. The cameras also enables in showing area of restriction inside the drain or line that are caused by backhoe or large rock that pressured up against it. The close circuit television of Austest can also capture images that are taken while viewing the drain or lines and can also be played back with the help of VHS recorder.