Austain Fasteners is a reputed supplier of stainless steel fasteners in the Australian market. Having been in business for over twenty five years now, Austain Fasteners has been consistently supplying goods and has exceeded the expectations of the customers.

The market for the products that Austain Fasteners manufactures is not limited to Australia alone. Steel fasteners are now being exported to countries like Singapore, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

In the domestic market in Australia, Austain Fasteners has been supplying hardware fastening tools to a vast range of industries ranging from marine to food processing. Customers now recognise Austain Fasteners products for their quality as well as long life.

Austain Fasteners has a wide range of products for the customers. Austain Fasteners manufactures and supplies a variety of nuts as well as bolts, screws and washers for the screws. Austain Fasteners also manufactures allthread rods and clamps to fasten hoses. Various types of rivets and chains are also manufactured by Austain Fasteners.