Austain Fasteners is a provider of stainless steel fasteners in Australia since 1977. Over the years, Austain Fasteners has grown to become one of the large suppliers of high quality stainless steel fasteners in the Australian market. Austain Fasteners has been successfully fulfilling the diverse needs of its customers for over twenty five years.

Austain Fasteners not only supplies products to the domestic market in Australia, it also exports these products to various other places. The high quality products that Austain Fasteners is produces are exported to a number of countries like Singapore, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Austain Fasteners has supplied its vast range of stainless steel fasteners to a diverse industries in Australia as well other countries. Austain Fasteners is now recognised as one of the leading producers and suppliers of high quality steel fasteners in Australia.

The steel fasteners that Austain Fasteners manufactures are made from good quality stainless steel and this ensures that the customers receive only quality products when they order fasteners from Austain Fasteners.

Austain Fasteners has a team of dedicated staff that helps customers with all types of needs and answer any queries that they might have.