Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover  has introduced a groundbreaking product in the Australian market. The colourful clothesline covers that Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover has brought out promises to make the gardens and barbecue areas of the homes of its customers better and more appealing.

The traditional rotary clothes hoist, a must for every home in Australia, has always been a cumbersome product, without much use except for drying clothes. All that is history now thanks to the revolutionary clothesline covers from Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover. These clothesline covers come in three colours emerald green, heritage green which is dark green and the traditional white. The shade cloth is available in heritage green only.

The clothesline covers made by Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover are made from 100 per cent nylon fabric. These nylon clothesline covers are very durable. The clotheslines are completely waterproof and hence the consumers need not worry about rains spoiling the beautiful cover that they have bought.

The waterproof clothesline covers can also be custom made by Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover if the customers so desire. Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover has a team that provides valuable advice to customers about the right type of cover that they should opt for.