Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover  is a manufacturer of innovative clothesline covers. These clothesline covers have changed the way in which people perceive the old and boring clothes hoist.

Before this innovative product from Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover hit the market, the clothes hoist was just used to dry the washed clothes of the house. The clothes hoist used to stand out as an eyesore amidst the beautiful settings in a garden or the barbecue area. If the customers so decided they could fold the clothes hoist away, but this involved additional labour and space on their part.

Now the people need not do anything of that sort. The innovative and beautiful clothesline covers from Aussie Shade Clothesline Cover, will transform the old and useless clothes hoist into a beautiful garden umbrella, adding to the beauty of the surrounding elements in the garden. Customers like this revolutionary product for the wonderful transformation it can bring into their gardens and barbecue areas.

These modern clothesline covers transform the traditional clothes hoist into a multi dimensional product. They allow the customers to use the clothes hoist as an umbrella in either the garden area, pool or the barbecue area.