CHUTES can be a time and money saving solution replacing labour intensive rubbish removal, particularly for builders. Aussie Chutes provides a solution for cleaner, safer work sites through faster, more efficient rubbish removal.

Rubbish chutes for construction projects can save man and crane hours, according to Aussie Chutes.

Most construction project managers feel that people handling bins and skips is the best and most cost effective way to deal with the headache of removing construction waste.

Traditional rubbish removal methods require multiple men and handling actions to move waste from point A to point B – load the wheel barrow, empty barrow into bin, manhandle full bin onto loading platform or hoist, lower bin to ground, empty bin into larger bin, raise empty bin back up to loading platform or floor level, manhandle bin back into resting position – that is six to seven actions done by multiple men.

Traditional waste removal methods are labour intensive and require multiple bins, this means additional costs. They also tie up expensive equipment like tower cranes and hoists that are best used to lift materials up.

Rubbish chutes allow sites to benefit from the free forces of gravity, which are always ready and waiting to take the rubbish to the bin. This requires only one man, one action.

The costs of traditional waste removal methods multiply when a project manager decides to recycle construction waste, this is because separation of waste at the source multiplies the number of bins required on each floor as well as the number of man actions needed to empty them, this then becomes a logistical headache, and the added expense in time and bin hire makes recycling cost prohibitive.

Without cost or obligation on the part of the customer, Aussie Chutes can share a better way and a smart solution for companies to cut the time and labour actions required to remove construction waste from the elevated floors in the project.