Aussie Chutes , the first company to produce rubbish chutes in Australia, established in 1987. Aussie Chutes provides rubbish chutes for both high and low grade buildings. Aussie Chutes’ services include installation, manufacturing, hire and sales. The chutes offered from Aussie Chutes are durable, strong and designed efficiently.

Aussie Chutes offer friendly, excellent, hassel-free services with fast response and offers stronger superior and safer chute design. Aussie Chutes aims at developing better products according to the need of the customer.

The rubbish chutes from Aussie Chutes are made of high-density polyethylene material and are the choice of building contractors around Australia. Rubbish chutes are durable, easy to use offering fast, clean and safe solutions. These rubbish chutes are ideal for builders, scaffolders, demo contractors, rental stores, roofers and renovators.

Aussie Chutes are safe chutes with anti-spell mesh guards and lockable loading hoppers. Aussie Chutes helps to keep the work environment free from rubbish, saving time and increasing safety. The rubbish is removed at a time from one single point by using large bin at the bottom which collects all the rubbish.

Aussie Chutes rubbish chutes are ideal for transporting debris from different levels of structure to ground levels. The high density polyethylene offers resistance against cracks and abrasions at extreme temperatures. Rubbish chutes are lightweight and can be stacked easily. Loading hoppers help in loading the debris from different levels at a time.