Auscraft Painting  develops solutions for renovation projects to be accomplished in a timely and non-invasive manner. The company can apply epoxy coating to floors of commercial and industrial buildings, which features easier maintenance, chemical resistance, safety, hygiene, moisture blocking and appearance.

Auscraft Painting will conduct tests on floors to provide the suitable solution to customers’ floor coating requirements. The company employs the latest type of preparation equipment and constantly trains its tradesmen in the use of captive shot-blasting, scarification, concrete diamond grinding and polishing and floor topping removal.

Epoxy floor coatings of Auscraft Painting offers superior resistance to medium and heavy wear and tear and other types of abuse like forklifts, acids or alkali spills. Auscraft Painting can give semi-gloss, high gloss and anti-slip finish in a variety of colours to floors. The company can also provide after business-hours services by employing evening, weekend, and holiday coating crews. Auscraft Painting applies skilled and committed workforce equipped with the latest technology. The company can offer industrial and commercial flooring solutions for the automotive, chemical processing, food and beverage, printing, metalworking and various other industries.