Auscraft Painting  claims to offer the best epoxy floor coating at a competitive price. The company can also offer solutions at discounts for large industrial or commercial floors or a group of floors. Auscraft Painting can revive the look of timber flooring and bring a glow to it with its polishing.

Auscraft Painting offers various finishes and textures to complement the decorative style of timber flooring. The company will perform a complete check up on cracks and gaps before sanding. Diffusion of dust will be prevented by hanging plastic over the room's doorways and putting rags or towels under doors and over vents. Auscraft Painting performs three grades of sanding like rough, medium and fine to achieve the best results. On completion of sanding, Auscraft Painting will give a thorough vacuum to the rooms and then will buff the floor using a fine abrasive paper to tighten the wood grain before applying the finish.

Auscraft Painting also takes up line marking, signage and stencilling for roads; car parks; factories; sport clubs; schools; shopping centres; workplace safety systems; internal safety lines; and storage facilities.