Auscorp Industrial Group  provides a comprehensive range of plumbing products. These plumbing products include bathroom accessories, rubber couplings, PVC pipes and fittings, valves, taps as well as faucets. High pressure pipe fittings from Auscorp Industrial Group include pressure elbows having angle of 90 degree, pressure tees with 90 degree angle, pressure socket valves, pressure socket faucet and pressure couplings. Pressure elbows from Auscorp Industrial Group are available in varying dimensions that include 15 millimetres, 20 millimetres, 25 millimetres, 32 millimetres, 40 millimetres, 50 millimetres and several other sizes.

Rubber couplings provided by Auscorp Industrial Group are available in different sizes. These couplings have been specifically designed for joining standard pipes and can be easily connected by using convenient as well as practical assembly method. Rubber couplings from Auscorp Industrial Group have been manufactured by using high grade elastomeric rubber compounds and possess features such as resistance to fungal growth as well as UV rays.

Bathroom accessories from Auscorp Industrial Group include bathroom fittings, basin mixer series, bath mixer series, bidet mixer series, concealed bath mixer series, glass wash basins, kitchen mixer series, massage bath mixer, mixer series, shower mixer series, shower cabins, spa baths and slide shower sets.