Auscorp Industrial Group  specialises in the manufacture of quality production moulds as well as plastic products. These production moulds and plastic products are catered to various industries including automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods, electrical, medical, dental, housing, construction, video gaming and aerospace industry.

Comprehensive range of plastic products manufactured by Auscorp Industrial Group includes nylon, flexible PVC, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, cellulose acetate, thermoplastic elastomer, silicone rubber, ABS, polystyrene, cellular foamed extrusion compounds and polycarbonates. Auscorp Industrial Group produces different kinds of moulds by employing sophisticated computer technology that includes CAD, CAM as well as high speed machining process. CNC machinery and CNC EDM equipment housed by Auscorp Industrial Group enables the company to build moulds easily without any restrictions.

Integrated CAD design system installed by Auscorp Industrial Group offers unique option to clients for electronically exchanging drawings of different products required by the client. This company also offers assistance to the clients during the entire design process right from the concept stage till the final production. Different moulds designed by Auscorp Industrial Group include P20 steel moulds. P20 steel moulds have been manufactured from pre hardened tool steel.