The roof space in your home makes for an excellent storage area for things that are too precious for you to give away. Given the value these possessions hold for you – sentimental or otherwise – you need to make sure they are stored in an environment that wouldn’t cause any damage in the long term. The roof space, therefore, needs to have the necessary protection against dust, damp or pests so that your treasured possessions remain intact in storage.

Dust damage

Over a period of time, roof spaces that are rarely used can gather a significant amount of dust. While the damage to your stored items may not be visible, long-term dust exposure can cause permanent discoloration on the surfaces, and even provide a breeding ground for dust mites and other pests. Items with moving parts are particularly at risk of permanent damage and may be difficult to get into working condition after taking them out of storage. In some cases, exposure to dust will damage possessions beyond repair.

Can drop sheets offer sufficient protection?

Often, people use old bedsheets or drop sheets to protect stored furniture, boxes or other items from dust. However, there are several drawbacks to using opaque cloth or canvas to cover your possessions. For instance, these covers cannot prevent the entry of dust, leading to dust collecting on the items. Additionally, you cannot identify your stored items undercover unless you remove the protective sheet. This makes it difficult to organise your storage area for easy retrieval of items when needed.

Vacuum sealed storage bags have become a very popular alternative as they address many of the disadvantages of using sheets, although a sheet (preferably canvas) can still be a good choice for covering furniture.

While vacuum sealed storage bags are preferred by many Australians for their efficiency and space-saving features, these popular alternatives do not eliminate dust entirely from the equation.

Start with dustproofing your roof space

The process to make your roof space dustproof involves fixing a durable insulated white-cell wrap to the ceiling and walls while the floors have battens added and are sealed with particleboard or a similar floor. These precautions will go a long way in preventing dust from entering your storage area, thereby, keeping your valuables safe.

Preventing mould and water damage

Water in your roof space can be very damaging to your stored items. Water damage can warp and discolour wood, cause metal to rust, and turn absorbent materials such as fabric, cardboard and paper into mush. Waterproofing any storage area is essential if you want to keep your valuables safe from the possibility of water damage.

Water damage can also be caused by dampness, which results from high moisture content in the air (humidity) or moisture trapped within the building structure. A damp roof space can lead to mould issues, which can cause significant and irreparable damage to your stored valuables in a short time.

How dustproofing helps prevent water damage

Attic Group’s dustproofing process essentially seals up the storage area, effectively protecting the ceiling and floors from flooding, leaks or other forms of liquid ingress. The insulation installed as part of the process keeps the space cooler and much drier than a regular roof space that is left exposed to the elements, thereby, inhibiting the growth of mould, bacteria and other biological contaminants that can harm your valuables. A skylight or roof window in the roof space provides additional protection from mould as natural sunlight is known to inhibit its growth.

Attic Group recommends a Whirlybird ventilator to be installed in the roof space following the dustproofing conversion process; the Whirlybird assists with air circulation, minimising humidity, damp and mould issues.

How dustproofing helps prevent vermin and insect damage

When roof spaces are used for storage and not maintained at regular intervals, there is risk of a vermin or insect infestation that is not only unpleasant but can damage your precious items. Clothes, papers, linen, wood and any other fibre-based object can be gnawed, eaten, webbed or nested in by these unwelcome guests that love to make their home in an unprotected roof space.

Dustproofing your roof space effectively seals the room, preventing vermin, insects and other pests from entering and infesting the storage area. The dustproofing process creates in impenetrable barrier that stops these types of unwelcome guests in their tracks, and protects your valuables from becoming their new home.

Add value to your home with a dustproofed roof space

If you have treasured memories, collector’s items, heirlooms, a wine collection or anything else that you value enough to keep in long-term storage, you should seriously consider a dustproof attic conversion from Attic Group, Australia’s original attic ladder company. The conversion process usually takes only 2-3 days to complete, leaving you with a space that will not only protect your valuables, but also add value to your home.