Extra storage space is always welcome in a home. Unused roof space, for instance, can be converted into an attic storage room to add up to 30 per cent more space in your home.

The ultimate space-maker in most Australian homes, attic storage rooms help create functional storage space. An attic ladder can be installed to provide easy access to the roof space; having this space is akin to adding a new floor to your home without raising the building height.

Since 1975, Attic Group has helped over 80,000 families transform their attic spaces into storage rooms, adding value to their homes. As Australia’s attic pioneers and experts, the company manufactures the widest range of timber and aluminium attic ladders to meet every unique requirement – these ladders not only give you safe and easy access to your roof space but also fold neatly away when not in use.

In addition to supplying attic ladders, Attic Group also helps you make the most of your unused roof space through a range of attic storage solutions.

Visit an Attic Group showroom to view a demonstration of various attic ladder options, or call on 1300 655 525 to arrange a free in-home consultation.