Attic Ladders specialises in installing dust proofing and roof access ladders, allowing customers to take advantage of previously unused space.

Roof access ladders from Attic Ladders are supplied in a range of styles for various levels of usage, but all models feature:

  • a gentle incline
  • safety handrails
  • counter balance mechanism; and
  • push pull rod for easy operation and foldaway.
Provided fully assembled, customers have the option of installing the roof access ladders themselves, or taking advantage of Attic Ladders’ professional installation service.

Each ladder in the range is solidly built to withstand various levels of spread weight, from 100kg to 700kg on more heavy-duty models.

The type of roof framing in a building will affect the choices customers have when considering Attic Ladder’s range of roof access ladders.

Conventional frames, commonly found in older homes, allow the owner to cut the joists in the ceiling without impacting on the integrity of the roof structure. The complete range of Attic Ladders is available to customers with this type of roof framing.

Newer homes typically feature truss framing, which is not designed to allow for any structural changes to the frame without affecting the integrity of the building. Customers that intend to install roof access ladders in houses with this type of roof framing are restricted to the Attic Master, Attic Studio or Upgrade models.