Fakro, a world-leading brand of skylights and roof windows has introduced a new range of self-cleaning skylights and roof windows in the market.
Fakro skylights and roof windows, which are well known for superior design features such as stylish timber frames and energy efficient, clear insulating glass, now come with self-cleaning glass to help stay clean longer, all year around.
The self-cleaning glass comes with a specially formulated coating that reacts to UV exposure and biodegrades leaf litter or other organic material on the surface. As a result of this decomposition, rain or hose water can quickly wash away the organic matter on the glass leaving a clean, streak-free finish for clear sky views and maximum daylight exposure.
Key features and benefits of Fakro skylights and roof windows: 

  • Increases natural daylight levels within a home
  • Improves ventilation and natural air circulation for better temperature management
  • Crafted using toughened Pilkington Activ glass on the exterior pane, which provides the strength and durability to tolerate Australia’s extreme weather conditions
  • Laminated glass on the inside works to reduce sound transmission giving category-leading protection from noise
  • Compliant with Australian Standards AS4285 and AS1288
Distributed in Australia by Attic Group , the Fakro range includes fixed, manual and electric opening skylights as well as dual action roof windows for installations within reach by hand, allowing top hang or centre pivot opening options.