Available from Attic Ladders , Columbus Flat Roof scissor stair attic ladders are designed to allow for roof access.

The scissor stair attic ladders are made from lightweight alloy, and they feature a handrail for enhanced user safety.

Slippage will be minimal as the scissor stair attic ladders boast safety groove step treads that are 135mm deep and 350mm wide.

Furthermore, additional steps are fitted inside the hatch door frame for greater safety when exiting from the scissor stair attic ladders.

Oversized springs extend the life of the scissor stair attic ladders, and extra height options up to 3.66 are also available.

The scissor stair attic ladders are accompanied by a trapdoor that is made from multi-laminar, 20mm thick wood.


  • Depth: 135mm  
  • Thickness: 28mm   
  • Width: 315mm  
  • Weight: 43-75 kg
  • Load Capacity: 200 kg per step