Atlas Access  is an operator of industrial rope access services that offers a wide range of industrial and commercial services to numerous industries. Some of these industries are oil and gas contractors, inspection companies and property management services.

The industrial services offered include rigging services, inspections and surveys, welding and pipe fitting, height safety and painting and coating. Atlas Access undertakes projects relating to power and energy, petrochemical and geotechnical streams. In addition, marine, mining and construction projects are also undertaken.

Inspections and surveys done by Atlas Access include those of marine vessels, borescopes, offshore platforms, cranes and derricks, stacks and chimneys, torque tests and pipelines, hulks and pressure vessels. Atlas Access is also actively involved in projects related to the maintenance and repair of power stations, pipelines, jetties, tanks and hulls, drilling platforms, air well servicing and confined space entry.

The rope access systems used by Atlas Access are easy to install and dismantle and do not cause disruptions to the traffic flow, pedestrians or building tenants. With a highly trained team of specialists and managers Atlas Access has built a reputation for reliable and quick service to many industrial sectors.