Atlas Access  is a leading service provider using industrial rope access systems that are used in rigging, welding, pipe fitting and geotechnical streams. The management team of Atlas Access offers practical and safe solutions to numerous industrial projects by civil engineering companies, hospitality centres, building contractors and many others.

The rigging operational services offered by Atlas Access include lifting and hoisting, demolitions, crane lift assistance, steel erection and safety line systems. Welding and pipe fitting projects include fabrication, oxy cutting, pipe insulation, fabrication, bracket and flange positioning, structural welding and arc welding.

Atlas Access is also a major service provider in the geotechnical stream and the various projects include rock drilling, soil nailing, pressure pointing, rock fall prevention meshing, permanent rock anchorage and sprayed concrete. All these projects are executed through the rope access technique on vertical and overhanging cliffs in short time spans. This is widely utilised in railways and road systems where time frame is of supreme importance.

Atlas Access also offers its services in the installation of anchor points, fall access and arrest systems, electrical lighting networks, risers, spools and pipes, rock and safety netting systems and satellite cables. The company also offers electrical services under instrumental, lighting and neon network systems.