Atlantic Civil Products  manufactures Multi-Plate range bolted buried corrugated metal structures which include arches, pipes, ellipses and pipe arches. All these Multi Plate corrugated metal structures are available in spans ranging from 1.5 metres to 15 metres and are available in varied shapes and sizes such as vertical and horizontal ellipses, round pipes, low, medium and high profile arches.

Multi Plate corrugated metal structures find usage in the mining industry for the manufacture of stockpile tunnels, conveyor underpasses, mine portals and haul road grade separations. Multi Plate structures offer easy handling and shipping and possess high strength to weight ratio. They can also be pre assembled or assembled very easily in the work area.

Hiflo corrugated metal pipes designed by Atlantic Civil Products consist of a smooth internal wall which provides low hydraulic friction. Bolt-A-Plate corrugated metal structure can be used to provide easy extension to various existing structures where as Bolt-A-Bin is a cellular metal gravity retaining wall which is surrounded by a compact soil mass.

Nestable ranges of corrugated pipes are transportable pipes which can be installed even in remote locations. Superspan designed by Atlantic Civil Products comprises of longitudinal thrust beams which provides support for large span Multi Plate.