Super Cor corrugated metal structures designed by Atlantic Civil Products are known for durability. These are found to be less intrusive on natural environments and are also visually appealing. Super Cor allows long, large and even wide spans. It is a versatile corrugated metal structure known to possess good strength and lightweight texture.

Super Cor range of corrugated metal structures includes box culverts, arches, rounds and ellipses. Super Cor boxes manufactured by Atlantic Civil Products are ideal for long span, low rise situations having shallow cover. It provides a patented continuous reinforcement of the whole structure. Super Cor Arches are more advantageous than conventional plate arches because of the spans which exceeds 25 metres. They are ideal for installation over natural stream beds which are devoid of environmental disturbances. Super Cor arches can also be used for highway grade separations as well as in a variety of applications requiring large end areas.

Super Cor round and ellipse structures provided by Atlantic Civil Products enables the construction of large diameters which was previously impossible with conventional structural plates. These versatile shapes of rounds and ellipses are used for culverts, sewers and sub drains and can also be used for tunnels, bridges, and access ways.