Astro Synthetic Turf  specialises in providing synthetic green lawns. This company has been providing synthetic lawns for about 18 years. Synthetic lawns from Astro Synthetic Turf require minimal maintenance as well as available at cost effective rates. These lawns possess the capability to transform yard into a paradise. Astro Synthetic Turf also ensures to supply quality lawns that adhere with the industry standards.

Synthetic lawns from Astro Synthetic Turf offer various beneficial features. These lawns do not require to be watered, mowed, weeded or even fertilised. This gives more greenish look to the surroundings in comparison with normal lawns. Astro Synthetic Turf has its office located at Perth and specialises in providing water wise front lawns.

Astro Synthetic Turf houses a dynamic team of experienced as well as trained technicians for the installation of synthetic grass. Astro Synthetic Turf also supplies a diverse range of synthetic grass related products that have been specifically designed for residential, commercial as well as sporting areas.