Astro Synthetic Turf  is engaged in the business of supplying artificial grass. These synthetic turfs provided by Astro Synthetic Turf can convert a yard to an evergreen lawn which does not require watering or use of fertilizers. This can save time as well money for the users of this product. Astro Synthetic Turf specialises in front lawns, back lawns, pool surroundings, golf putting greens, childcare centres, commercial property, cricket pitches, patios and pergolas, tennis courts, rebound ace and outdoor carpets.

Artificial grass provided by Astro Synthetic Turf neither gets muddy nor stains or itches. It offers a hassle free landscape ideally suited for pets and kids. Artificial turf also prevents breeding of various pests in the lawn and provides a natural grass appearance. It does not require regular maintenance.

Astro Synthetic Turf has many features which include durability, weather and UV resistance. Artificial turf offered by Astro Synthetic Turf can be easily installed indoors or outdoors. Astro Synthetic Turf also provides different types of turf rubber carpets. Enviro turf rubber carpet has a long pile monofilament which is soft to touch. Delux Natural is ideal for landscaping and play areas and comes with a soft underfoot. Sandfill turfs are ideally suited for tennis courts.