Associated Control Systems  design and manufacture quality and reliable products for customers from pool and various other sectors as well.

Associated Control Systems provides a series of products that is delivered with quality and reliable service to pool market. Customers like architects, pool builders, pool shop owners, home pool owners can find a wide range of cost effective pool products from
Associated Control Systems.

Swimming pool solar heating controller MS3D is one of Australia’s popular solar controllers provided by Associated Control Systems, it is designed to provide pool heating straight from sun, and it can be controlled by a controller.

Associated Control Systems provides motorised valve solar heating controller MS3D-V, it can be operated from 110 -240 Vac, it turns a three way valve instead of turning the pump. Ascon filter and solar controller UFS is another product of Associated Control Systems, this UFS is a swimming pool solar heating controller that can operate the solar heating pumps and filter pumps that can be used in the integrated solar systems. It comes with a controller that allows customers to select the optimal filter run times by not affecting the efficiency of solar heating.

Ascon ultimate heating controller (UHC) is another pool product available from Associated Control Systems, this ultimate heating controller is highly energy efficient heating control system that is designed to maximise the heat control while reducing the energy used to heat the swimming pool.