Associated Control Systems  offers customers with products such as LED lightings, vacuum fluorescent displays and many more which includes products from medical division.

Associated Control Systems also provides various medical products which includes networked alarm panels, stand alone alarm panels, sensor adaptor kits, BMS solutions, modbus solutions and tourniquet systems. Associated Control Systems’ medical division is supported by knowledgeable and responsive medical backup team.

The LED products available at Associated Control Systems include strips, LED systems, and LED controllers. Associated Control Systems can also provide fitting from a large range of standard applications to a entire custom designed product.

Associated Control Systems provides vacuum fluorescent displays a device that is focused to supply display that continues to strive high resolution and high luminance. Associated Control Systems distributes tools manufactured by Daniels Manufacturing Tools Company, which is commonly called as DMC. These tools used by aircrafts, aerospace, defense system, aircraft programs, sea going transport systems, space exploration programs and to various other industrial sectors. The range of tools at Associated Control Systems includes crimp tools, removal tools, installation tools, aircraft tools, wire strippers, torque tools and adaptors.

Associated Control Systems assist customers by providing effective solutions in various sectors including optical, thermal, power, software, and power, Associated Control Systems can also provide engineering services. These solutions are provided by Associated Control Systems in association with LUXEON Lighting Network.