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    ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Australia

    ASSA ABLOY SG100 Speed Gate Turnstile: Advanced access control in a sleek, compact design

    Strengthen your building’s access control with an elegant and compact swing speed gate, specially created for monitoring and deterring unauthorised traffic.

    Our new Speed Gate Turnstile SG100 from ASSA ABLOY is a dependable and stylish solution for regulating the people flow in and out of your building. With a 24V BLDC motor powering its fast-opening, hidden barrier wings (made of 8 mm tempered glass by default), it’s a highly effective entryway that can monitor and block unwanted access as/if necessary, significantly contributing towards a steady level of safety and security in your environment.

    The gate’s galvanised coated steel frame and stainless steel housing panels, together with its 10 mm tempered glass top lid and illuminated indication pictograms, make it a sleek, high-quality addition to your building’s entryway. What makes it stand out from our other solutions, however, is its intuitive Access Control Integration: our Vision Touch framework is easily integrated with any access control system through dry contact or COM ports.

    You can even choose to customise the gate’s top lid, with optional cuts available for surface mount readers, reader holders or stands (as well as standard or custom-designed posts for access controller integration). Just let us know what you need.

    Essential functions and interface features

    Customisable settings

    The SG100 speed gate turnstile has a logic controlled interface and operates bi-directionally. Entrance and exit directions can be individually set as controlled, locked, or free rotation. After the release, the turnstile blocks itself after an adjusted time if no transition or passage occurs. If people from both directions would like to pass through

    simultaneously, the first person who activates the turnstile comes first.

    Controlled access

    When in controlled access mode, after the release confirmation sent by the access control system, the gate opens the barrier wings and enables one person access. After each person, the barrier wings block passage again, and does not permit access from entrance or exit directions until receiving a new release signal from the access control system.

    Multiple openings

    An additional person is able to use the next passage cycle during an ongoing passage cycle in both directions. The turnstile controller stores up to 255 releases, and can allow the same amount of individuals to pass through.

    Different security responses

    During a security threat or other related incidents, the gate can respond in multiple different ways:

    1. Acoustic alarm only (without blocking the lane)
    2. Wings closing immediately and blocking the lane* (without an acoustic alarm)
    3. Wings closing immediately and blocking the lane*, as well as acoustic alarm

    Emergency and power cut modes

    In the event of an emergency, the gate opens the barrier wings (a.k.a. fail-safe mode). During a power cut, however, both the mechanism and barrier wings become unlocked, so they can move freely. Once the emergency alarm stops and/or the electricity returns, the gate resets itself automatically.

    LED indicators

    The LED lights on the turnstile indicate the operating status in both directions.

    Blue                      Waiting/Standby

    Green                  Passage confirmed

    Red                       No passage

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