At a time when strict protocols are in place for hygiene control in public spaces, it’s important to ensure your building is equipped to minimise the risk of contamination through appropriate preventative measures. These measures include installing touchless activation units, automating your manual doors and having your automatic doors serviced according to schedule.

In areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, door handles are touched constantly. By eliminating the need to touch a door handle, you can reduce the risk of cross contamination, which can help minimise bacterial spread among employees, customers, patients and visitors. The ASSA ABLOY SA13 activates the automatic door with a touchless wave, making it the perfect option for hygiene control, regardless of your area of business.

All doors that are manually operated in the building and have a high volume of people entering and exiting, such as restrooms and other indoor entrances, should be automated. This will further minimise the risk of contamination and maintain hygiene control throughout the facility, ensuring that all users are kept safe.

Door automation is essential for enabling hygiene control, minimising contamination and separating indoor areas. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to service, maintain and modernise your automatic doors to ensure that they are functioning at all times. Our service technicians are always close by and equipped with spare parts and the technical knowledge to service your door automation from both ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems as well as other brands.