ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions has launched the SL Hygienic ICU door platform, a touchless automatic sliding door solution capable of maintaining desired air pressure, privacy and acoustics, especially in healthcare environments.

ASSA ABLOY’s NATA tested ICU door system, the SL Hygienic ICU 521, is designed to control air leakage in a negative pressure environment, assisting in the prevention and spread of infectious contaminants. These door systems offer an ideal solution for health and medical facilities by ensuring superior infection control as well as industries requiring highly efficient room sealing.  

With a 33% wider opening than traditional two-panel door designs, the SL Hygienic doors offer one of the industry’s largest door openings. The telescopic functionality features an internal transmission, eliminating noise and delivering smooth and simple opening and closing.

SL Hygienic helps to minimise external noise, with the option of double or triple insulated glass with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) glazing rating of up to 42. The SL Hygienic ‘Switch’ option allows the door glass to instantly switch from clear to opaque, eliminating the need for curtains, while maximising space and privacy.

Users can also program the automatic door to open at any specified distance to minimise air leakage when medical staff enter, or to suit preferred room requirements.

Carefully engineered for the future of healthcare, the SL Hygienic ICU door system can also be utilised as a connected IoT door system to enable the collection and exchange of data.