Ascon Pool Products  offers complete range of swimming pool products. Ascon Pool Products offers wide of products related to swimming pools to pool shops, pool builders, architects and for residential areas. Ascon Pool Products provides wide range of pool products which include pump controllers, valve controllers, chlorinators, timers and sensors.

Ascon Pool Products offers heating controllers for swimming pools like solar heating controller, Ascon filter and solar controller, motorised valve solar heating controller, Ascon filter heating controller and Ascon ultimate heating controller.

Swimming pool solar heating controller MS3D is designed to provide heating solution from the sun. MS3D has tropical and winter mode, delayed start up etc. Motorised valve solar heating controller MS3D-V is similar to MS3D controller but in addition to that it has three way valve turning in place of pump turning. It has motorised actuator and three way valve ideally for houses. MS3D-V can run from 110-24- ac.

Ascon filter and solar controller UFS has solar heating and filter pump ideal for integrated solar systems. Filter run time can be adjusted with out disturbing the solar heating systems. UFS initiate the filter pump to run the controller after the adequate solar gain.