Ascon Pool Products  offers multi solar valve controllers, spa lighting and rainbow walls. Ascon multi solar valve controller is a set and forget model which can remember the settings even when there is no power. Multi solar valve controllers have an attractive design and an easy to read display with self diagnostic error display systems.

The valves of the multi solar valve controller turn automatically after an adequate solar gain is achieved. It contains a detachable sensor for easy installation. The controller of the system contains three modes which include automatic, tropic and winter modes. The multi solar valve controller has a brass pool sensor for better reliability. It consists of a UV stable wire and a housing with IP 23 rating, it is made available in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The valves which are suitable for 40mm and 50mm water pipes are available.

Ascon Pool Products offers spa light solutions which is microprocessor controlled, it fits to standard spa light, is free from maintenance, consumes less power. It has latest technology LEDs and is available in nine selectable modes. Multicoloured LED spa light D 1024 red, green and blue from Ascon Pool Products add elegance to the spa. Ascon Pool Products offers ACRW Ascon rainbow wall pool systems for stunning pool effects with combined colour mix and mild sound of the running water.