Art Hanging Systems  offers a range of recessed and ceiling mounted picture rail systems which take the concept into the 21st century. These ceiling mounted picture rails are ideal for new homes or commercial premises that require a discreet, sophisticated method to hang pictures, displays or signage.

The Ceiling Recessed Hanging System is attached to the ceiling structure with ceiling sheets overlaid, making them hardly visible. The only visible elements of the picture rail appear as a shadow line detail in the cornice. In essence, the functional potential of the rail, as a means to hang artwork, is ‘hidden’ from view.

The rail component is combined with T headed hangers in super thin cable and clear nylon cord. The hangers easily clip in and out of the rail anywhere along its length, offering unlimited options when rearranging. Vertically adjustable hooks are attached to the hangers to offer additional flexibility.

With a hanging capacity of 2-40 kgs per hanger, these ceiling mounted picture rails are able to hold a range of artwork, signage, mirrors and board material which can be hung and rehung in numerous positions without wall damage.

These ceiling mounted picture rails can be used at the perimeter of rooms or anywhere throughout the ceiling for a customised solution.

Ceiling recessed picture rails are supplied in three and five metre lengths to offer seamless non-wavering ceiling lines in small and large rooms. The hanging system is designed to remove the need to plaster set the corners where a dry wall construction method is used. It can also be adapted to suit masonry wall construction.

Art Hanging Systems’ ceiling recessed hanging systems are ideal for residential and commercial art hanging, as well as corporate and retail displays. Stylish hanging is simple with these discreet, flexible and easy to use ceiling mounted picture rails from Art Hanging Systems.