Art Hanging Systems offer their art storage systems service for locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Art Hanging Systems manufacture and install custom art storage solutions for museums, galleries and collectors. They are carefully designed according to museum standard storage concepts and can be scaled to meet customised requirements.

Features of Art Hanging Systems Art Storage Systems:

  • Freestanding system installed in a matter of hours with no building mess.
  • Stores 10sqm of paintings on 1sqm of floor.
  • Provides instant access, visibility and easy cataloguing of every artwork in your collection.
  • Adaptable storage systems to specific sizes, interior design and finishing needs.
  • Easily dismantled and relocated.
  • Secures all artworks in one place.
The art storage systems optimise floor space and artwork in an instantly accessible, damage free manner. They help minimise high-risk handling issues and eliminate to need to wrap artworks in protective packaging equipment.

Art Hanging Systems storage services are available in sliding-panel, paint racks with optional wall attachment and ceiling racks that can be attached or completely freestanding.