Art Hanging Systems are proud to present their ceiling recessed picture hanging system, the most discreet hanging system currently available.

With a concealed rail attached to ceiling joists from wall to wall during construction, the ceiling recessed picture hanging system has a reduces visual impact allowing more focus toward the suspended display itself.

For those building or specifying a picture hanging system where tracking needs to be hidden, or a shadow line detail will be an eyesore, Art Hanging Systems' ceiling recessed picture hanging systems are an ideal solution.

These hanging systems are set into the ceiling and wall with the plaster sheet overlaid. This method creates both a shadowline effect and a hanging rail system with a beautiful finish.

The tracks are available in 5m lengths and comes with super thin, easy change, T anchor hanging cables for suspension. These are paired with 30kg to 65kg stainless steel clutch hooks for attaching the artwork.

A sophisticated, discreet and heavy weight picture hanging system, ceiling recessed picture hanging systems from Art Hanging Systems are refined and robust and allow the flexibility of changing pictures regularly with ease and speed, without damaging the walls or ceiling.