Arrow Signs  is a manufacturer and supplier of laser and computerised signs. Some major products of Arrow Signs include braille signs, plaques, posters and building signs to name a few.

Braille signs from Arrow Signs are made in accordance with the Building Code of Australia section D3.6, which states that all Australian public buildings must contain braille signs. Arrow Signs can customise the signs according to specific requirements. The signs are available in two combinations, of blue background with white letters, and silver background with black letters.

Arrow Signs offers awards, promotional merchandise and gifts that can be customised with logos and graphics as required. These are hand crafted by expert technicians from Arrow Signs.

Posters and labels from Arrow Signs are digitally printed and laminated. These coloured posters are also supplied as self-adhesive posters that can be used in commercial and residential units. The posters from Arrow Signs can be reproduced from disks, photographs and transparencies.

Plaques from Arrow Signs are made of stainless steel, bronze, aluminium and brass. These plaques are laser engraved and screen printed. Arrow Signs also provides unveiling curtains in the case of opening plaques. These plaques are available in a number of sizes and specifications to suit customers needs.