Arrow Signs  is a manufacturer and supplier of residential, corporate and industrial signs, posters, banners and displays.

Displays from Arrow Signs include poster stands, brochure stands and holders, hinged-door cases, A-frames, mezzanine cases, lobby cases, notice boards and many more. These are essentially made of aluminium, brass or chrome. They all feature a groove at the back that facilitates the use of the changeable letters supplied by Arrow Signs. These letters come in various sizes of 10, 12, 15, 19 and 28mm heights.

Engraving from Arrow Signs is usually carried out for corporates and factories. The engraving can be carried out in any material in accordance with customer needs. Control panels made of stainless steel can be used in production work places. Plastic and mosaic tiles engraved with aluminium are used in the railway industry.

Arrow Signs offers directories that can be used to provide information in places such as hospitals, roads, airports and the like. These directories may be ceiling mounted or wall mounted. For roads and parks, directories featuring text and maps can be produced by Arrow Signs. The material used for these directories are stainless steel and aluminium.