Arpa Laminates  manufactures decorative high pressure laminates (HPL) for application in a number of fields such as building construction, furniture, interiors design, ship and railway interiors. Arpa Laminates offers important service to companies and designers, with a substantial aim in terms of raising corporate culture by creating added value. The high pressure laminates of Arpa Laminates comprises of layers of cellulose fiberfiber (usually kraft paper) impregnated in thermosetting resins and bonded through combined action of heat and pressure.

The process involved in high pressure laminates takes place in multi-daylight presses and consists in poly-condensation of the thermo setting resins that yields a non porous, homogeneous material along with strong internal cohesion. At the time of pressing process, metal plates impress a texture onto the laminate surface which, depending on the function and the desired scratch and wear resistance that ranges from high glossy to deep structure. HPL is supplied as panels in a combination of sizes, thickness, décor and surface textures.

Arpa Lamination has designed and implemented production cycle that allows maximum flexibility in satisfying customers in terms of constantly monitoring through strict quality procedures. Arpa’s Laminates manages more than 500 decors, 30 surface finishes as well as several panel sizes in addition to the already comprehensive standard program, and production can also be tailored in order to satisfy any specific need.