Arpa Laminates  offers decors products such as plain colour, Iridescent Fantasies, Alu Magic, Woods, Fantasiess, Digital Collection, Madreperlati, I tattili, Oxidations, Metals, Custom, Metals, Iridescent Woods, Stones and Iridescent Colors. The décor collection offered by Arpa Laminates is the result of accurate research. The products provided by Arpa Laminates are constantly made keeping in mind the needs as well as requirements of today’s markets based on changing styles and tastes.

The plain colors offered by Arpa Laminates encompass plain colors in strong, romantic and delicate shades that interpret today’s trends in decoration. The Iridescent Fantasies of Arpa Laminates comprises of brilliant iridescent colours that are intensified by light as well as its everchanging effects. The Alu Magic offered by Arpa Laminates is thin metallic filaments embedded in a base color that reflect light and creates striking decorative effects. The Madreperlati is a rough pearly texture in delicate and poetic shades that reflect light creating suggestive effect.

The oxidations provided by Arpa Laminates reproduce high definition an laminate surface that generates a striking chromatic effect. I tattili collection of Arpa Laminates offers three dimensional beauty finish. The Fantasies collection of Arpa Laminates offers natural texture as well as colour yielding soft tactile sensations.