Armco Guardrail – Railgard, available from Armco Barriers , is a flexible vehicular safety barrier system that protects lives and property while minimising damage to vehicles or their occupants.

This guardrail can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Freeways and highways 
  • Protection from roadside hazards i.e.; bridge abutments, boulders, trees, posts, creeks or drainage culverts 
  • As a median barrier 
  • Protection for gas tanks 
  • Protective and delineation barrier in car parks 
  • Protection from forklift and vehicle impact in and around factories and warehouses 
  • Column and pole protection 
  • Protective border for ramps and raised work areas 
  • Pedestrian assistance/barrier when fixed with handrail
Due to its continuous beam design and join strength, Armco guardrails are capable of withstanding heavy impact. It has the ability to yield progressively under impact and as one section is deflected beyond its elastic limit, the load is transferred through the joint to the next section. This makes Armco Guardrail a more effective system in this regard than bollards due to its nature of spreading the impact load.

Armco guardrails can also be installed on curves without affecting strength or safety with no special attachments necessary.

Curved Armco guardrail sections can be supplied to fit any radius from 2m to 45m and larger radius curves in excess of 45 meters can be obtained using standard straight sections.

Armco guardrails act as a flexible barrier because they are designed to flex upon impact, similar to a large rubber band, deflecting the errant vehicle back into its original path. This action means that there is generally significantly less damage to the vehicle and its passengers than with a solid barrier.

Because all of Armco Barriers components must meet the stringent requirements of state and local road authorities, customers can be assured of its quality as an effective barrier.

Armco guardrails are available in a wide range of sizes. For more information please contact Armco Barriers.