Armco ® Barriers offer a range of barrier and protection products. They specialise in designing barrier system for unusual products.

Standard Posts with Base Plate from Armco® Barriers are designed so the post is attached to the centre of the plate.
Custom designs for specific requirements are available for edge mounted posts.

Baseplates for Armco® Barriers are available for all posts so they can be fixed to concrete if required. Posts are made for standard
height Armco guardrail Railgard™. Double and Triple height posts are also available and can be drilled at a height to suit your needs.

Depending on the impact resistance that you require posts for barrier protection can be installed and supplied with different post hole centres and spacing.


  • Standard Armco® Barrier Baseplate = 300 x 300 x 12 mm thick
  • Holes for up to 22 mm Dyna Bolts or Chemsets at 220 mm centres


Standard Post and Post with Base sizes:

  • 0.7 m x 6mm
  • 0.9 m x 6mm
  • 1.1 m x 6mm
  • 1.3 m x 6mm
  • 1.6 m x 6mm
  • 1.8 m x 6mm
  • 2.1 m x 6mm
  • 2.4 m x 6mm

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