Aringo Polished Concrete  offers flooring and paving solutions to architects, engineers, commercial property developers and renovators with its decorative and polished concrete floors and surfaces. Aringo Polished Concrete also provides services in coatings removal, epoxy removal, tile glue and grout removal, weather damaged concrete resurfacing, sealing and re-sealing.

Aringo Polished Concrete offers flooring and paving solutions, through its range of polished concrete floors that include aringoULTRAFLOOR, aringoWETLOOK and aringoEXPOSE range of floors. The hardened aringoULTRAFLOOR from Aringo Polished Concrete, has a scratch resistant surface with a built in stain inhibitor, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas. The aringoULTRAFLOOR range of polished floors from Aringo Polished Concrete, are abrasion resistant and are also easy to clean and maintain.

The aringoULTRAFLOOR from Aringo Polished Concrete is suitable for domestic and commercial applications such as homes, offices, factories, restaurants, warehouses, showrooms and manufacturing plants. The aringoWETLOOK floor from Aringo Polished Concrete, has a sealing system that makes the surfaces hard wearing and stain resistant. The aringoWETLOOK floor from Aringo Polished Concrete can be installed to give the floor or surface, the look and feel of traditional polished timber floor.